"The cover photograph of the new Bob Dylan record apparently contains a variety of small faces hidden in the trees and background foliage. The faces are very small and almost indistinguishable; however, learned observers say that at least four of them are the Beatles.

The most obvious group of faces becomes apparent when the cover is turned upside down; at the top of the tree, in the lighter area, are at least seven faces. By turning the cover in other directions, faces can be spotted near elbows, bushes and in the lining of coats.

John Berg, the photographer who took the picture, said that the original was made by a Polaroid camera because Dylan had asked for something that "looked like a snapshot." When asked about the hidden faces, Berg acknowledged their presence but was reluctant to talk about it.

"It's like Dylan; very mystical," Berg said. He also spoke about the "hand of God," which he said was nestling along the right-hand side of the tree. Berg did not wish to say much more; his implication was "Happy Hunting." - Rolling Stone, 9th March, 1968.


 "...I got a call from Rolling Stone magazine in San Francisco. Someone had discovered little pictures of The Beatles and the hand of Jesus in the tree trunk. Well, I had a proof of the cover on my wall, so I went and turned it upside down and sure enough . . . Hahaha! I mean, if you wanted to see it, you could see it. I was as amazed as anybody." - John Berg.

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