Dreamin’ Of You / Down Along The Cove (live)

Released in USA, April 18th
The A side is the straight LP version.
The field recording of Down Along The Cove is from Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 11th 2004.
Limited 2,500 copies.

The Times They Are A-Changin’ / Like A Rolling Stone

Released on red vinyl – November 26th.
Both versions are taken from The Original Mono Recordings.
Mine came with red sticker.

1 - In Concert - Brandeis University 1963

Released on April 16th.
Recorded May 10, 1963 Live at Brandeis University Folk Festival Waltham, Massachusetts.
Limited Edition 180-gram vinyl.
With download code for high quality mp3 of the album.
Toby Gleason:
It had been forgotten, until it was found last year in the clearing of the house after my mother died. It’s a seven inch reel-to-reel that sounds like it was taped from the mixing disc. A collector associate of the family said ‘This might be worth something to the Dylan office’ and we sold it to them last year.”
“My father had nothing to do with that Brandeis show. I suspect he got the tape from Bob himself or from one of the people in Bob’s organization. My father was one of the nationally credited writers that wrote about Bob the most, and they became close.
- Rolling Stone, 31 August 2010

2 - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Released on April 16th.
Europe-only one-sided single of a remix by the Ting Tings.
The remix is part of Sony's Make Dot Believe project, which allows fans to create their own versions of the song using parts of the original Dylan recording:
“For music fans who have imagined what it would be like to record with the legendary Bob Dylan or produce one of his iconic songs, reality is here.
Beginning today with the launch of “The Remix Project,” music fans can create their own personalized online remix of Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” using the song’s original 4-track “stems”—the individual vocal, guitar, bass and drum recordings— for the first time ever. Fans can mix and match the components of the original, with new versions of the classic that have been recorded for the project by popular Sony Music artists, including The Ting Tings, 2AM Club, and more. Fans can record and upload their own covers of “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” and add those to the mix as well.
The Ting Tings were handpicked to be involved in “The Remix Project.” To kick off the program, they have created their own version of "Subterranean Homesick Blues." The band explained that "having the opportunity to jam with Dylan and his band in a virtual live session in our studio was mind-explosive."

1 - 7” Mono Single Box Set

Released on October 18th 2011 in USA & April 21st 2012 in Europe.
The 7” singles and their sleeves seem to be the same for the US and European sets, but the box and graphics are quite different.

Subterranean Homesick Blues/She Belongs To Me (Mar 1965)
Like A Rolling Stone/Gates Of Eden (Jun 1965)
Positively 4th Street/From A Buick Six (Sep 1965)
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?/Highway 61 Revisited (Jan 1966)

1 - Duquesne Whistle / Meet Me In The Morning
The A side is the LP version from Tempest.
The B side is an unreleased take from the fourth Blood On The Tracks session, recorded on September 19, 1974, with just Bob Dylan and Tony Brown on bass, was released on on 23 Nov 2012.
2 – Somali-born MC, K’naan, released a free Record Store Day 7″ vinyl single of his cover of With God O n Our Side on 21 April.

1 - Wigwam / Thirsty Boots

Despite being advertised and marketed as “an unreleased demo”, the A side isn’t a ‘demo’ version, it’s simply a different mix. It is the same take that is on Self Portrait, minus the drum and horn overdubs.
The other side is a cover of Eric Andersen’s Thirsty Boots. Eric Andersen’s name is misspelled as Anderson on the label and back cover.
In 1978, Bob Dylan said:
I am happy for the remaining out-takes (from Self Portrait) to stay where they are.”

Released April 20th, 2013.
2 - The Band – The Last Waltz 

Limited Edition Numbered.
Released on Rhino, the set has three 180 Gram LPs, original packaging with embossing and two foils, original inner sleeves plus a 12-page booklet.
Only 250 released in the UK.
The set is not a remix, and has the over-dubs in place.

Thanks to:
Paul Cable - “Bob Dylan: His Unreleased Recordings” – 1978.
Searching For A Gem.

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